29. The Skeptical Spectacle (Part 1 of 2)

As the worm and the bird flew with a hum and a beat

The trumpets made noise on the next crossing street.

They turned the corner and to their surprise

They saw a fifty foot tweetie bird floating outside.

A bunch of loud instruments, and people in line

Looking up at the bird, like it was divine.

But it didn’t really look as though it was real

It was squishy all over, when Bruce went to feel.

Could it be the case that this bird was a fraud?

With so many people looking in awe.

Surely this spectacle somehow seemed flawed

Yet all of the people continued applause.

So they flew to the bird to ask it the question

“What is the deal with this party procession?”

And it didn’t respond; a blank expression

So Bruce got angry, growing aggression

Guest Artist: Bella Holmgren

Bella likes to think of herself as someone who puts others first. She always tries to prioritize the things that are important to her, like her friends and family. Most of all she tries to focus on things she can do to help not only herself, but others, like lending a helping hand to those in need. After friends, family, and of course, school work, she prioritizes sports. She always tries to improve whether it’s running on the track or on the basketball court. At the same time, she tries to stay lighthearted and carefree, if you see her, you will probably see that she laughs at almost everything.