28. Let's Talk About Bees

“What’s a bee,” Dexter asked, “and why do they like flowers?”

Bruce said, “oh I forgot, you lived underground for all of your hours.

So you don’t know much about real world things.

One fact of many is: like birds, bees have wings.

Let’s talk more about bees, in fact let’s inspect

If you didn’t know before, they’re a flying insect.

They may seem mean, because they can sting

But they need to be strong, cause they protect everything.

Without a little bee, the world would end in starvation

Because they boldly maintain the plant population.

They do it through a process called pollination

And if you don’t know that word, here’s a translation.

A powder like substance is what is called pollen

The boy plants make it and the girl plants want it

The bees will take it from plant to plant

So they can make more plants, because without it they can’t.

And through this process plants stay alive

And bees can make honey back at their hive.

It’s run by the workers and led by the queen

And if you go near their hive they will surely be mean.

So next time you see a bee buzzing around

Stand and amaze at what you’ve just found

Because bees are the reason why spring does sprung.

So please enjoy the bees, but try not to get stung.

Know that we need the bees and so does this tree

So life can continue in all its beauty.

Next time you see a bee, say this rhyme

And a smile will come to your face every time."

Buzz bee, buzz bee, buzz with me

Buzzery, buzzery, buzzery bee

Out in the flowers or up in a tree

Buzzery, buzzery, buzzery bee

Guest Artist: Zane Yu