26. Too Hot

“Fame’s far off for me, for now let’s have fun

I ate my breakfast; the day’s just begun.”

As Dexter said this a loud shriek blew,

The canaries eyes grew wide and he dropped his shampoo.

It was hotter than hot, it was hotter than stew

Dexter started to ask but he already knew.

As Bruce went to wash his head for the day

He removed his hair, his stylish toupee.

Revealing a skull and crossbones tattoo

From days he was part of a motorcycle crew.

He turned on the water at the sink faucet

A stream came down; his head went across it.

He didn’t realize the hot was so hot

It proceeded to hurt him, more than a lot.

He jumped back from the counter with more flare then flare

And Dexter was frozen, couldn’t help it but stare.

He sat back in his chair, didn’t know if he could help

What would happen now, after Bruce’s loud yelp.

GUEST ARTIST: Elizabeth Medeiros