25. What I saw up in the Tree

“I saw her with Timothy, up in the tree.

It was then that I realized love could come with a cost

You can have it one day and the next day it’s lost.

Love can give you more than words can describe

It can make you feel more alive than alive.

But it was clear to me that our love would not survive.

She went where the wind took her, her love was carefree and it left me blue

And it wasn’t long until she left poor Timothy too.

But I have to say, her love was great while it lasted

And I hope that love with Penelope wasn’t my last bid.

I hope to find another canary someday who makes my speech drawl.

But even if I don’t, at least I experienced love; some never have it at all.

So as you can see, nothing is free, you must work because work is needed.

And if you get what you want you must work hard to keep it.

To have one thing, there is always another you need to let go

To figure out which, weigh the yeses and the noes.

Look at all the options but go with your heart

It will not misguide you to the finish or the start."

At this time Dexter was thankful for the advice

The last few days had been fun watching TV, cats and mice

Special Guest Artist:  Audrey Brecher

She is currently fifteen years old, and a student at East Greenwich High School. She loves to draw and really enjoys taking art at school. Besides art, she swims on the high school team and on a club team, plays the piano, and likes to read. Fun fact about her is sheI loves to binge watch TV shows, especially shows created by Shonda Rhimes. She am a huge Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal fan.