24. Nothing Is Free

“Nothing is free and not much is a dime

I can fly anywhere in the world, but I have to put in the time.

In all my years of life, I’ve only found one thing close to free

And it started with a look, from my sweet Penelope

She was a canary, just like me… the best I’d seen in this world

Even out of this world, in my dreams, she was the most beautiful girl

When I looked into her eyes, I felt love, and it felt free as can be

We would chirp and bat our eyes, up in the canopy

We talked of our future together, and having little chicks

When she moved in, I expanded my nest, and gathered many sticks

I bought her things, gave her my time, and loved the work

For her love in return was the most excellent perk

So in that case I kept thinking that love really was free

Until I saw something unexpected up in the tree.”


Special Guest Artist: Katelin Fish