23. The Walrus (Part 2 of 2)

Oh look at that, they are snuggling so still, that on their back landed a sea mew

And they stay lying on the beach like the canary’s mom and dad do, while he’s building a sand castle or two

But I see snow, snow on the mountains behind them, white and shiny like the walls in Fat the cat’s den

Then the canary said “They really need to paint these walls; they’ve been white since I don’t know when”

So … snow at the beach, I’ve never seen that before

I guess where there’s a beach and cold weather, snow could be in store

But how cold could it be there, where the pair of walrus lay bare

With no clothes to wear and no hair, just lying there without a care

So he asked the canary … “the Arctic” he said is where those walrus like to lay their head

“It’s far north from wherever you are and it’s not a place that’s easy to go”

“Well how cold can it get? “

“At least one below zero”

“Whoa … that’s cold, so how do they not freeze in such little degrees?”

“Eating is their expertise, and they do it well, they eat breakfast lunch and dinner until their body swells

And all that blubber can act like rubber and keep the walrus feeling happy as a bell”

I’m thinking I want to go there one day, meet that walrus, ice skate and play some hockey

There’s surely enough ice in the Arctic to play a game or three

But for now the walrus can play up in this tree with me

My imagination, a book, and even sometimes a little TV, can take me wherever I want to be … for free

Special Guest Artist: Kasey Ellis