22. The Walrus (Part 1 of 2)

The cat whiskers whisper on the white wall while Dexter’s waiting for the walrus to wiggle

He sees him through the window, on a neighbor’s TV, basking in the sun; it shines bright and sizzles off the walrus’ silvery brown skin

So happy, so warm, on the sand, when … wham … the wave slams into him

It startles him for a second, but he lays back down unfazed by the wave, no need to move a limb

Dexter thought, “I am like the walrus, resting now, but ready for a swim if a swim is what’s in store

But I don’t know for sure, if a swim is what I’m in for, so for now I’ll just rest some more”

The cat’s nose is rubbing on the post now, and there he goes, cleaning his toes

image 2-1.png

“Roar” went the walrus ... sounds like a lion with a cold

“Meow” went the cat ... sounds like a lion, just not as bold

Those two teeth seem big and sharp, but no good for eating sandwiches at the park

“You know now that I think of it, the walrus roar sounds more like a bark”

Oh no, here comes another walrus, Dexter’s not sure if walruses tend to be friendly

If they will fight or sit nicely together for some citrus sage English breakfast blend tea

Dexter was tense, watching and enduring the suspense to really be sure

If they’ll have some sense and be nice to each other, or act immature

Pure excitement was secured and Dexter thought he would combust

If you can’t wait either I’m sorry, you must

Image 6-1.png