21. Indigo

“So you want to be as well-known as that rainbow way up there.

As the beaming band of light shown bright so grand up in the air.

There surely is no color set more famous than it holds

Yet there is one that’s in its bow that almost no one knows.

A shade of blue or violet truly deep it gleams and glows.

Not red or orange, yellow, green, I speak of indigo.

Reliable, lone indigo shines bright just like the rest

But no one answers “indigo” when asked: ‘Which is the best?’

I’m sure it must be due to its striking purple hue

Or almost twin resemblance to its sibling color blue.

These spectrum colors overshadow its serenity

And leave poor indigo alone, with lost identity.

I do not know another reason for this sheer neglect

It’s overlooked way more than most; it can’t get no respect.

It can’t be that it’s just too hard to recall its long name

Three syllables are difficult but surely not to blame.

Whatever is the reason why that color’s left unnoticed

Purple, blue, syllables, I do declare it bogus.

Maybe it’s because it’s near the bottom of the arc

The brighter colors are up top, the bottom’s fairly dark.

Or maybe it’s the blend of all the colors that’s essential

Each color on its own won’t surely have so much potential.

So young worm can’t you see my plea; fame isn’t all it seems to be

I cannot think the words to say, to explain it in a simpler way.”

“If I’m famous, others might not see, all the colors that make me, me

They might just say I am a star”

“But they don’t know about who you are.”

“I understand, I won’t lose face

Become a rainbow in disgrace

I’ll remember the whole color set

By memorizing Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

You know it’s really fun up here looking at the rainbow and the land below.”

Then the canary said, “Well if you think that’s fun, look through that window”