20. From the Dirt to the Air

Dexter opened his eyes, the morning had come

Sure as the sun, the morning had come

His vision was blurry, he stretched out his rings

The canary was stirring, stretching his wings

Chirping at the sky, sweet music, perfection

Thinking of yesterday, joyous reflection

The first of many, sweet morning sunrises

Each day will bring even greater surprises

“I was in the dirt, now I’m up in the air

I was without a shirt, now world beware.

Andrew Drawing2.jpg

I’ve got wings by my side, I can fly, I can fly, and I’ll try til’ my life is behind me.

I’m not an heir to a millionaire, but, you know what, that doesn’t define me.

I will keep moving on, enjoying each day, and living it like it’s my last

Today we’ll go out, fish out a sea trout, I can’t wait, oh man, what a blast.

Bruce, let’s go, let’s fly, take me for a spin!”

Then the canary said, “Take it easy, you just woke up, take time to soak it in.”

“Soak what in?”

“Well, the day of course.  

You shouldn’t just wake up and run out the door.

You should take some time to look underneath the nest

Breathe in the air; brush your teeth and rest.

Plan out all the fun things that you might do

Then comb your hair and put on your shoes.”

“Shoes I will not need, for I don’t have legs.”

“Well… you know what I mean… now eat your bacon and eggs.

I spent all morning cooking them up

And I squeezed out fresh orange juice into this cup.

So enjoy it all and breathe in the cool breeze

If you don’t want the eggs … I have bread and cheese.

And look right over there at the colors in the sky.”

And as Dexter looked up he let out a sigh

Because the most gorgeous thing had captured his eyes

Of so many colors that rainbow comprised

Then all his emotions hit him at one time.

He realized the mountain that from which he climbed

He was just in the dirt and to the air he did grow

“I came from clay, but I know one day, I’ll be as famous as the colors of the rainbow”

About the Artist:

Andrew Blessing, born south of Boston, Massachusetts moved to East Greenwich, Rhode Island when he was two years old. Andrew is one of four siblings who are all very interested in studio art. Andrew’s other interests are basketball, football, and golf. Andrew volunteers his time in the community as a group leader in Safety Town as well as a standard bearer in the CVS Charity Classic Golf Tournament. Andrew one day hopes to attend the University of Notre Dame.