17. Friends Stand Up for Friends

As Jack flew over, the canary shielded Dexter, because Jack might think he was food

Jack said, “What you got there?  Don’t hide it from me, I’m really not in the mood.”

“My name is Dexter, I’m friends with this bird,” said the worm loud enough to be heard

“You must be a fool, I think you’re absurd, he’s saving you for dinner”… Jack forcefully slurred

“Oh, my word” said the canary, “how could this have occurred?”

Again he told Jack to back off, but he was annoyingly undeterred

“Give him to me canary and I won’t tell the others what I’ve seen or heard”

“Quit being a pain, this worm is my friend and from eating him you must refrain.”

“Ok, worm … if you are such good friends, then what is the canary’s name?”

“Well, I don’t know, we were never properly introduced”

So Dexter turned around in the roost and faced the canary at the top of that Spruce

He said, “Hello my name is Dexter.” And to that the canary replied … “Well sir, I’m Bruce.

It’s been very nice to meet you, it’s been an exciting day, and pay no attention to this bird of prey.”

“Thanks Bruce, for me, this day is renowned; it was just a few hours ago I came out of the ground.

I feel reborn, like there is so much opportunity, and with you as my friend, there’s nothing I couldn’t be.”

“Well this is all very nice,” Jack said with a smile.  “But this is one time I will not be beguiled.

I’m going to take the worm and Bruce you better let him go.”

“Well then it looks like we’ll have to go blow for blow.”

As Jack saw Bruce was serious, he quickly started to fear the fuss.

He didn’t want to get into a scuffle because, win or lose; his feathers would most certainly be ruffled

So he packed up his duffle and took a hike, and Bruce had saved Dexter from Jack the shrike

“Whoa, that was a close one!” Dexter exclaimed, “I’m sorry for the fuss, I feel so ashamed.”

“Feel nothing of the sort.” Bruce proclaimed, “Jack is the one who should be blamed.   

He aimed for you when he flew overhead, and the situation he saw, he simply misread.

Don’t worry; I won’t leave you when you are in need. I will stick with you, as friends should indeed

So what if you don’t have a beak or two knees, for now we stick together, like flowers and honey bees,”