2. Dexter's Dream

One day, Dexter was born, and he was different from everyone

Even though he had never seen it, he dreamed of the sun

He had dreams of the rain, and it touching his face

He dreamed of the air, without the smell of this place

He dreamed of the freedom of the entire world wide


So he set on a journey, to reach the outside

The only thing he knew was that the pile where they stayed

Kept getting deeper and deeper, from day to day

So he packed up his stuff and kissed his mom and dad goodbye

And hoped he would one day see the beautiful sky

Now the only question left was which path he would take

He wanted to go the right way; he felt his whole life was at stake

So he did his engineering research

And it seemed as though UP was the only way out of the dirt

So he thought and he thought and like the flick of a light

He realized this idea just hadn’t been quite right

If he cleverly traveled sideways instead of straight up

It will surely be the way to move out of this stuff

So by using his geography, and his engineering degree

Every day Dexter climbed, he moved closer to being free

He climbed and climbed and pushed through his exhaustion


But he didn’t care in what city he would live

He would enjoy all the good things that location had to give

He would enjoy the sun and the moon

sun and moon.png

and the other worms he met

He would enjoy many new things, maybe even a string quartet

He wouldn’t have to worry about the pile that on him once stood

He would keep his head held high, well, as high as a worm could

So he kept on pushing, steady and straight

Unsure of the outcome, unsure of his fate

Then one day, when he thought he lost his persistence

He saw a glimmer of light coming through in the distance

He peeked his head through and with a triumphant sigh

A tear came down his cheek, as he looked up at the sky

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