27. Embarrassed

“Are you alright Bruce?” As he sipped on his juice

Bruce was still slipping, and fell on his caboose.

“I’m embarrassed, little worm; I fell off my feet.

I didn’t take time to check on the heat.

Hot things can be hurtful, like going with strangers

And one little mistake can put you in danger.

I wanted it warm, because warm feels nice

But the temperature, worm, I should have checked twice.

My actions were not a worthy example”

“So the water was hot?”

“I would say it was ample.

Way more heat than it needed to be

Especially for me, up in this tree.

Let’s keep it cool for the rest of the day.”

Then he put back on his watered toupee

He pulled himself together and shook off his wings

Filled up his pack with all needed things.

“Climb on little worm, let’s go for a ride

See what we can find on our journey outside.

Maybe a dog or maybe a bee.”

“What is a ‘B’? Is it like a ‘C,’ ‘D,’ ‘E,’ ‘G,’ ‘P,’ ‘T,’ ‘V,’ or ‘Z’?”

“I know it rhymes with those, but it’s different, you’ll see”

Guest Artist: Jonathan Inman