Dexter's Science and Engineering Notebook

(Dexter's new notes are in red, don't worry about the old notes in black)

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Another excerpt from Dexter's notebook:

Vacation Notes:

(How cool is this!!  Dexter found a mini computer in Bruce’s nest and started typing his notes in his journal.)

Dexter's Serialliteration:

Almost Asleep atop the attic stairs when, 

Bam! A ball bashed through the bedroom window, breaking it.  Bruce

Came crouching and crawling calmly

Downstairs drowsily dragging a dish, 

Eating an entire eggplant egg-roll

From last Friday's fun filled food

Guessing games.  Gasping, he said  "Great Gooligans ghost!  I

Have to hunt for how a heavy ball was hurled and hit so

Intensely inside, intently injuring my

Jumbo jar of jazzy Japanese jelly." Just then three

Kookie kittens, Kyle, Xavier, and Kevin, knowingly kicked kibble onto keyboard keys...kerplunk! And they

Licked their lanky legs like only little cats lick in a

Masterfully mocking manor moving their

Neck's nimbly and body's nonchalantly with

Overconfidence onto an outrageously over-sized but

Perfectly placed plush pile of plaid purple pillows.  There was no

Question that these quahog eating quirky and quiet quacks irrationally

Rigged the ruination of Bruce's jar of

Super sensational sugary solidified sweet

Treats.  It took too much time to throw together that treat to just let them take off

Unharmed, unscathed, unpunished.

Vying for virtuous revenge Bruce ventured towards the rival cats

Without wit and wound up trapped and waiting in a wirey cage while

Xavier exited explaining the hoax. The

Yellow ball yielded witty misdirection while yodeling yoga yaks

Zealously seized Bruce's  bronze glazed prize kazoo from Zanzibar


I was left with zilch zero kazoos and a broken jar of Japanese jelly

What a way to start our vacation huh